Gluten & Dairy Free Brownie that tastes good!

Dietary Brownie

If you have any form of dietary requirement I am sure you might have trouble getting hold of product that has all the qualities of their gluten and diary siblings.

At Raise Bakery, we get that! We are always trying to come up with alternatives that are tasty and better for you.

We think we have cracked it with a brownie that is tasty, gooey but also completely gluten-free and diary-free. Not only that it’s HALF the calories of a regular brownie and has 2x┬ádietary fibre and 70% less fat.

Products that are high in fibre help slow the intake of sugar into our bodies meaning we don’t feel such a spike in blood sugar meaning which means less cravings.

Once the product has gone through a rigorous testing it will be available to buy from our online shop.

Check out the stats for yourself:

Regular Brownie Fibre/Gluten Free/Diary Free Brownie
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