Raise Bakery is a family run bakery based in Sussex on the South coast of England. We specialise in baked goods, sweet treat and desserts. Our modern style is based on classic British baking techniques with an American influence.

We bakes cakes for a wide range of customers in the retail, wholesale and airline markets. We have proven experience working with many big name brands. You may also recognise our product from a past Virgin Atlantic flight.

We specialise in producing delicious cakes on a large scale that have that ‘baked at home’ taste that fill people with comfort, happiness and joy. We use the finest ingredients, sourced where possible from British suppliers.

We don’t have anyone to answer to, no share holders or investors. We’re not in it to get rich. We invest our time and money keeping our customers happy, make sure our team are kept safe, well trained and fulfilled inside and outside of work. We protect our environment and contribute to our community, both locally, nationally and globally. We operate with integrity, passion, professionalism and dedication.

Food safety is fundamental to what we do and are SALSA approved.

When you buy anything from Raise Bakery you are guaranteed:

British produce

We’ve been brought up on classic British baking and we’re incredibly proud of our heritage. We’re also very keen to support our nation’s industries. Where possible we source all our ingredients from within Britain or using British suppliers.

Responsibly sourced

If you care about the ingredients that go into your food, then you’ll love our cakes, if you don’t, then all you need to know is it’s all good. Where possible we will:

  • we want to support our local suppliers and keep the food miles down
  • use of free-range eggs and organic produce where allowed
  • keeping our products natural
  • they’re incredibly bad for your body, so we simply don’t put them in our cakes

Homemade recipes

We’ve been working with classical British recipes for years. Our British recipes will usually have a modern twist and use the family ties we have with American baking to bring you the very best. We put all the care and attention you get with home baking into developing our products. That is what we bring you today – homemade recipes on a larger scale at a cost effective price.

Exceptional service

We love our customers. If you come in for a meeting, you’ll always get to sample our cakes with a cup of tea or coffee and a smile. We know that our great products must be backed up with great service, otherwise our customers won’t come back. From our production team, to office staff, through to our delivery drivers we’re all here to make your job that little bit easier.

Our Philosophy

When we started the business we had two simple things we wanted to achieve:

  • To be the best bakery in the UK from the products we serve to the service we give our customers and suppliers.
  • To be responsible; support our local and global communities and look after the people who chose to come and work with us.

Find out more about our values.