What We Believe In (WWBI)

When you work with us you can be sure of one thing, a company and team of people that are passionate about what we do. We are committed to offering our customer exceptional products and service. Some might call this a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy which is not only a tongue twister but feels a little bit like a marketing gimmick.

Our WWBI (pronounced Wibby) demonstrates that these values are part of who we are. That being responsible business owners means that we must be the best at promoting and inspiring actions that have the biggest possible positive and least negative impact.

These are defined by the four foundations of our WWBI:


Our team – our family. Everyone who works with us has the basic right to a safe and fun working environment. We have an open door policy and provide our team with support on every level from emotional, career and life development.

We blur boundaries between work and life, creating an atmosphere that encourages our team to feel it’s more than work because they are so passionate and excited about what they do.


Our customers have the right to exceptional service, confidence in us and security. We give this to them in abundance by building a business on trust and recognised industry standards to demonstrate our devotion to being the best.

Our customers support the work we do by buying our products and believing in our brand. We welcome those who share our values and understand the great work we are doing.


We care about the quality of our products. We spend a lot of time in development to provide you with the best quality, marketing leading flavours, textures and concepts at a fair price.

How we source and produce our products is a big part of what we do.  We will scrutinise our buying policy and production methods to ensure our impact has the greatest benefit to our community and environment. We source and produce products that are local to us, ethically produced and have minimal environmental impact.


Giving back to our community, whether that be locally or globally, is important to us. Each and every person deserves the right to essentials of life and to live in a happy, safe environment free from fear or discrimination. We respect and value difference, but believe in equality and fairness for all.

We invest time and money into supporting community development. Our time is given as a way to inspire people to help themselves.

The great thing for you is you can be comforted that you are buying from a sustainable, ethical and caring company. Start that conversation today.