In early 2015 Raise Bakery launched its first 10 retail products. The line up was the result of some intensive market research (eating a lot of cake). We combined this knowledge with our own expertise in classic British baking to bring you the first of long line of tasty cakes.

You can get you hands on these babies today, right now, on our online shop.

If you are look to sell these in your retail outlet or want big quantities drop us an email.

As with all our products these are made with the best ingredients we can get our hands on. Our core ingredients are all source from British producers and grower. The butter is made by British cows, wheat & sugar is grown in British fields and eggs pop out of free ranging British hens.

Our range comes full-sized, mini bites and mixed cases.

  • Cranberry and Seed Flapjack

    Our traditional British flapjack stuffed full of healthy seeds and dried cranberries.

  • Rocky Road

    Digestive biscuits, marshmallows and jelly babies packed tight with dark chocolate.

  • Millionaires' Shortbread

    Our rich buttery British shortbread slathered with rich caramel and milk chocolate.

  • Chocolate Tiffin

    Rich tea biscuits & dried cranberries drowned in milk chocolate. A right northern treat!

  • Chocolate Crispy Bar

    Morsels of puffy rice hugged in golden syrup and smothered in milk chocolate. Old School.

  • Oaty Flapjack

    A hunk of British oats hugged in golden syrup, butter and loveliness.

  • Chocolate Brownie

    Gooey, fudgy block of chocolate brownie.

  • Cranberry & White Chocolate Brownie

    Our gorgeous chocolate fudge brownie stuffed full of white chocolate and dried cranberries.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie

    A classic chocolate chip cookie. Big, soft and chewy. Yum.

  • Orange & White Chocolate Cookie

    A massive soft and chewy cookie flavoured with natural orange and crammed full of white chocolate chunks.