Picking the right people to work in our business ensures everything runs smoothly – because passionate people truly care about what they do and the impact they have. We are a family run business in every sense.

That’s the mantra here at Raise – get the right people and the rest will follow.  We don’t like to refer to it as a job or work because it shouldn’t feel like a chore. We’re looking for the best of the best to join our family.

We work very hard to foster a fun, creative and entrepreneurial environment. If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in, get in touch.


  • Jeremy (Son)

    Managing Director
    Jeremy is the Managing Director of Raise. He considers himself to be a friendly and approachable person who has a passion for cake, great service and being a responsible business owner. When he’s not in the factory you’ll often find Jeremy in his kitchen cooking, running along Brighton seafront, looking after his dog, Biff.

  • Trevor (Dad)

    Trevor is our Operational Director and in charge of the factory floor. Trevor’s previous experience as a builder and technical event management means he’s an expert at delivering projects on time! He’s always the first one in and last one out; considered to be the ‘cake terminator’ of our fantastic company.

  • Lindsay (Mum)

    Lindsay is the mastermind behind Raise. Lindsay has been an avid baker being taught from a very young age by her Mum, Marjory. She gave birth to our fantastic company and brings our products to life with her innovative recipes and flavour combinations. When she walks in with a smile on her face you cannot help but smile back - she’s the metaphorical Mother of the company.

  • Mark

    We've not managed to pin Mark down for his photoshoot so we thought we'd represent him with a picture of a cake :). With years of experience in the baking industry he's the powerhouse that turns out lots of tasty treats for you to eat.

  • Biff

    Cake Sniffer
    Whilst Biff isn't actually allowed in the cake factory he is an integral part of the Raise team. His main function is reducing stress in his owner Jeremy when he get home from work. He is also fond of sniffing the cakes that come home for "testing".