Are you eating sustainable palm oil?

Palm Oil

Next time you pick up a cake or bar of chocolate you might want to take a look at the label for a seemingly innocuous ingredient, palm oil. Don’t worry it’s not some super-nasty fat like hydrogenated oil but how it’s manufactured is a little sketchy.

Palm oil is used in heavily in manufacturing industries such as cosmetics and food production. But with increasing pressure on nations to reduce their consumption of fossil fuels there is an increasing demand for palm oil in the production of biodiesel.

Greenpeace claim that the effects of palm oil production may have more of a negative impact that burning fossil fuels through deforestation of the rain forests and peatlands in South East Asia. Because of this there is increasing pressure on the users of palm oil to ensure they are sourcing from sustainable sources. The good news is that British Baker recently reported that companies supplying sustainable palm oil have seen record trade. Hopefully this indicates a shift in attitude towards better palm oil production and consumption.

At Raise we always source our products from British producers and suppliers. Currently none of our products currently use palm oil and if we were to use it rest assured it would come from a sustainable source.

Have you heard about issues surrounding palm oil before? Is it something that would influence your food choices? Let us know your thoughts.

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