Meet Maggie the Freezer….brrrrr

2014-06-04 13.53.51

There once was a shipping container, she led a fabulous life, travelling around the world, seeing all the sights. When she returned she decided it was time to settle down and retire. So that’s what she did! And guess what? She ended up coming to live with us at Raise.

Meet Maggie. Maggie has joined Raise to help with the ever increasing demand for our tasty cakes! Business Development Manager, John Bancroft explains “When you are dealing with churning out up to 10,000 cakes a day it’s not feasible to store the cakes at room temperature, they will dry out within a few days. You can’t store them in a chiller as this also dries them out very quickly. Cakes freeze incredibly well. We can’t tell the difference in blind taste tests!”.

John goes on to explain the benefits to our customers “Having the ability to freeze our cakes not only keeps them as fresh as when they were first baked, but it also helps manage our production meaning we can react faster to sudden spikes in demand that we see from our airline and wholesale customers. It also means that we can help pass cost savings onto our customers”. The cakes are transported via frozen trucks and then transferred to freezer storage at our customers’ warehouses. That means super fresh cake for the people who are lucky enough to eat them.

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