Raise Bakery now zero waste to landfill & closed loop recycling.

Jane shows off our new bins!

As part of Raise Bakery’s continued commitment to reduce our impact on our environment we’re excited to announce a new partnership with award winning local waste management and recycling company Brighton Paper Round who now will be taking care of all our waste.

This means:

  • All waste and recycling is managed by one company.
  • We have significantly increased the volume of waste we can now recycle – Paper Round are capable of recycling a much wider range of materials than our previous waste management company.
  • They are a closed loop recycling company – this means everything that is taken away is used to make new products. For example our cardboard boxes will be recycled and turned in boxes for Amazon.
  • We are now a 100% zero to landfill which means everything is either recycled or converted to biomass and used to make energy.

Jeremy Jacobs, Managing Director, said “it’s very important for me personally that we continue to look at how, as a business, we can reduce the impact our manufacturing processes has on our environment. Our customers demand it of us and it’s built into our culture and values so it was only right that we made the switch to Paper Round.”

Raise Bakery are continuing to look at innovate ways to reduce the impact on the environment by scrutinising our processes, raw materials and the companies they choose to work with.

To find out more about what we’re up to please contact Jeremy.

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