Baking tip: Weigh your bowls!

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re merrily baking away in your kitchen, you pop a bowl on your scales, put your ingredients in and suddenly remember your forgot to reset your scales? Now you have bowl and said ingredients in your bowl and you have no idea of the true weight of what’s in there.

DISASTER! You sit down and have a cup of tea, cry a little inside and try to think of strategy…

Well, worry no more. One rainy Saturday afternoon when you have nothing better to do with you time. Take this little tip:

Get out all the bowls you use for baking and weigh them, write down a description of the bowl and its weight. Keep it to hand, when it happens again you can simply deduct the weight of the bowl from the scales and you have the weight of your ingredients.

This is very handy if you’ve mixed everything together and want to know how much mix you have in a bowl. You could transfer it over to another bowl on the scales, but if you have your list you can just weigh the bowl and mix together and take off the weight of the bowl.

The amount of times we’ve done whilst in the blissful whirlwind of baking and slapped our foreheads with the palm of our hand! Not any more!

Baking just got a little less stressful 😉


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