New Products Added (December 2014)

We’re always developing lots of yummy treats, take a look at some of our new bakery products:


A rich, chocolate round sponge, topped with tasty fondant, slathered in chocolate. Biffles are a great sized treat available in Peppermint, Orange or Raspberry. They’ve been getting some great feedback. Invented by Raise and named after the family dog, Biff.


Peach Melba Squares

A giant hunk of super moist almond cake, topped with fresh peach slices, flaked almonds and raspberries. The recipe of the cake means they stay very moist. A lovely comforting treat.


Cake Cheesecakes

A new addition to our chilled desserts range. A traditional cheesecake with a twist. Big chunks of our popular cakes. Two flavours of Red Velvet Cake and Chocolate Brownie. You have to try these to understand how good they are.

Interest in something here? Drop Jeremy an email.



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