Meet Maggie the Freezer….brrrrr

There once was a shipping container, she led a fabulous life, travelling around the world, seeing all the sights. When she returned she decided it was time to settle down and retire. So that’s what she did! And guess what? She ended up coming to live with us at Raise. Meet Maggie. Maggie has joined […] Read More

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Baking tip: Weigh your bowls!

Has this ever happened to you? You’re merrily baking away in your kitchen, you pop a bowl on your scales, put your ingredients in and suddenly remember your forgot to reset your scales? Now you have bowl and said ingredients in your bowl and you have no idea of the true weight of what’s in […] Read More

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Raise help Virgin Atlantic celebrate their 30th Birthday

Given we have such a great working relationship with Virgin Atlantic it made sense that they chose us to supply them with some of our yummy Red Velvet Cupcakes for their 30th birthday celebrations on Sunday 22nd June. Look at what Karen from Virgin Atlantic said to us about our cakes and service: Karen Woodley for […] Read More

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John Bancroft joins Raise

What happens when a boy from up North falls in love with the South Coast? Well you might need to remember the name John Bancroft as he’s now part of the Raise family. John Bancroft has joined the Raise team to help bolster their already fledgling business. Raise have grown significantly in the past few […] Read More

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3 Things You’re Doing Wrong When Making a Sponge Cake

Do you use creaming method of making a sponge cake? Please read on. If you prefer the all-in-one method of sponge production then this blog post is not for you, sorry. If you are getting dense, sunken, sad sponge cakes take a look at these three steps to help ensure a perfectly light sponge: 1 […] Read More

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Are you eating sustainable palm oil?

Next time you pick up a cake or bar of chocolate you might want to take a look at the label for a seemingly innocuous ingredient, palm oil. Don’t worry it’s not some super-nasty fat like hydrogenated oil but how it’s manufactured is a little sketchy. Palm oil is used in heavily in manufacturing industries […] Read More

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Brighton Bake Off Christmas Fayre

Brighton Bake Off is back on 8th December 2013 for a special Christmas Fayre and this year we’ve introduced a new category especially for beginners. Feedback from our event in April suggested that some people felt they were great at baking but not so good when it came to decorating. Entries are £5 for the […] Read More

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New website and video launched

We’d love to write a blog post about the launch of our new website but seeing as you’re here already I guess that’s steals our thunder! That said we have made a warm and fluffy video about what we do at Raise. It was shot by the very clever Mark Bader from Westbeach Productions. I […] Read More

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