We believe that family is created by either birth or affinity, in both the traditional and non-traditional sense. We get to choose who we call our family and we recruit people that align with our vision, mission and values. The people who work in our business are passionate and care about what they do and the impact they have. We are a family run business in every sense.

We foster a fun, creative and entrepreneurial environment. We create spaces that leave people feeling included, equal and safe and make products that enable people to connect, celebrate and love.

  • Jeremy (Son)

    Managing Director
    Jeremy is the Managing Director of Raise Bakery. He has a love for all things food, especially cake. Being taught how to make the perfect sponge cake at a very young age gave him the start in life he needed to run a bakery.

  • Lindsay (Mum)

    Lindsay has been an avid baker being taught from a very young age by her Mum, Marjory. She gave birth to our fantastic company alongside Jeremy and brings our products to life with her innovative recipes and flavour combinations. When she walks in with a smile on her face you cannot help but smile back - she’s the metaphorical Mother of the company. Lindsay has now retired from day to day operations but is still involved in product development and strategy.

  • Trevor (Dad)

    Trevor has now retired from the day to day running of the business but still lends the odd hand when we need him. He worked tirelessly for many years to help grow our family business and deliver exceptional products and service to our customers. Thanks Dad!

  • Jane

    Office Accountant Manager
    Jane joins us with a wealth of experience working across a wide range of sectors with a focus on customer service. Jane is the first point of contact in the office and makes sure that everything runs smoothly so our customers get their delicious cakes on time!

  • Scott

    Production Manager
    Scott joined us after many years in the food industry working at another family-run bakery and then as a bakery manager at Tesco. Scott's passion for delivering excellence and meeting the needs of our customers combined with his cheery personality makes him a very important part of the Raise Bakery family. Try wiping the smile of this man's face!

  • Claudia

    Claudia's passion for baking and creating delicious treats is infectious. She is an incredibly hard worker who is focussed and driven to get the job done efficiently and to the highest of standards. She's a pure joy to have as part of the Raise Bakery family.

  • Biff

    Cake Sniffer
    Whilst Biff isn't actually allowed in the bakery he is an integral part of the Raise Bakery team. His main function is reducing stress in his owner Jeremy when he get home from work. He is also fond of sniffing the cakes that come home for "testing".