We're a passionate bunch of people who love our food. We also know that our great products have to be backed up by great service which we believe we offer. Here we describe what makes us stand our from the crowd by outlining the 6 foundations of our company and what qualities we embody to build trust with you, our customer.

You can also find out more about our vision and mission.

Our Six Foundations

1: Safe Food

Food Safety is at the heart of what we do and underpins everything. It is important that you are confident the products you buy from us protect your brand and reputation. We are SALSA Accredited and comply with all current appropriate UK, EU and specific country of sale food, hygiene, packaging, weights and measures, and trade description legislation.

2: Happy Team

Our team, our family. Everyone who works with us has the basic right to a safe and inspiring work environment. We have an open-door, no blame policy and provide our team with support on every level including emotional, career and life development.

We blur boundaries between work and life, creating an atmosphere that encourages our team to thrive. Our commitment is that everyone enjoys coming to work and is passionate about what they do.

Our recruitment process is designed to ensure that everyone who works with us shares our values.

3: Satisfied Customers

You demand exceptional service, confidence and security. We do this by building relationships based on trust and recognised industry standards to demonstrate our commitment to delivering to the highest standards. We ask you for feedback to improve and drive higher standards.

We nurture a blameless culture. Blame only demotivates people. We acknowledge the issue, look at what didn’t go to plan and put immediate steps in place to prevent it from happening again. We do that quickly, with no drama.

4: Quality Products

We spend time developing our range to provide you with high quality, market leading flavours, textures and concepts at a fair price. We test our products before they leave the door to make sure they meet our high standards, provide consistency and put a smile on your face.

5: Sustainable Environment

We scrutinise our suppliers, ingredients and materials to ensure the minimal possible impact on our environment. We keep up to date with the latest issues and topics to continually review our buying policy and production methods to ensure it’s meeting our requirements to deliver our mission.

6: Thriving Community

Giving back to our community is important to us. Each and every person deserves the right to essentials of life and to live in a happy, safe environment free from fear or discrimination. We believe in equality and fairness for all.

We also believe it’s important for people to be inspired and encouraged to be a stand for what’s important to them. We work with a number of local charities, organisations and educational institutions to support that aim.

How we build trust

Having values are no good if we don’t deliver on them. Here are the qualities we embody to support us in our mission:

1: Integrity

Integrity is at the foundation of everything we do. Doing what we said we would do, to a standard you expect. We hold ourselves to consistent standards to ensure we are delivering on what we say we will.

2: Excellence

Excellence for us is not about being better than anyone else. Excellence for us is about delivering on a commitment to give our customers what they expect. High quality products backed up with service that exceeds expectations.

3: Responsibility

We own it. All of it. Our culture is built on a basis of being 100% responsible for the work we do.  A sense of ownership and pride comes from being able to take ownership of our work which creates a vibrant and exciting work environment.

4: Relationship

It’s critical for us to have great relationships with our customers, suppliers, contractors and community built on honest, trust and respect. This allows for great working relationships, collaboration and fun.