Raise Bakery is SALSA Approved

We are pleased to confirm that after much hard work Raise Bakery is now SALSA Approved. If you haven’t heard of SALSA here is what it’s all about:

SALSA is a food-safety standard written by experienced food safety experts to reflect both the legal requirements of producers and the enhanced expectations of ‘best practice’ of professional food buyers. 

SALSA certification is only granted to suppliers who are able to demonstrate to an auditor that they are able to produce safe and legal food and are committed to continually meeting the requirements of the SALSA standard.

What does this mean for you?

We decided it was time to get certified to give our customers confidence that the products we are producing are safe, traceable and legal. The SALSA standard provides an excellent basis for which to build our food safety and technical standards.

As our reputation continues to grow within the wholesale, retail and airline markets as producers of great quality British baked sweet treats we felt it important to show our customer our commitment to providing the very best the bakery industry has to offer.

Many big names now accept SALSA as a valid accreditation including, Tesco, Sainsburys, Ocado, Waitrose and ASDA.

Find out at more at SALSA


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