Bespoke products

We love to work with our clients to craft the perfect product for your customers, friends or followers. Teamwork makes the dream work.  We will work on a brief and budget together and then set to work as quickly as we can to develop the perfect solution. 

The journey is thoroughly tested, fun, hassle-free and full of opportunities for you to offer your feedback and to feed on the delights we create along the way!

The Timeline

The whole process can take several weeks or months depending on the scope of the project (though we have the ability to work nimbly so always ask, no matter what the timeframe).  For our established clients we like to have a calendar for product development.  Where we know that there will be times for a seasonal change or products to mark special occasions or seasonal festivals like Halloween or Christmas we try and book in the product development work in good time so that we can make the most efficient use of our production facility during busy times and be able to procure ingredients as the best price for you.


Client Brief

This is the opportunity for you to share with us your hopes, dreams, aspirations, mad ideas and all the important stuff too.  Perhaps you want something that will knock the pants off your competitors, or something that looks like you personally have hand-baked for them in your kitchen, or you want the most instagrammable cupcake or the most decadent plant-based cake. The more detail you can provide us at this stage, the better! If you have specific ingredients you want us to work with (or ones you would like us to avoid) or a brand colour we need to show off, this is the moment to share all of that with us.


Brief review

At this stage, we will have gone through your full brief and applied our feasibility filter to the project! We will highlight all the things we are excited about as well as any possible red-flags. If there is something we really cannot do (that this is exceedingly rare!) we will let you know at this point to save you going too far through the process. Our creative juices will be unstoppable during this phase; in fact, the tea party in our head will resemble something like Alice in Wonderland’s!


idea creation

We will go away and our brilliant development team will put their heads together and come up with a wonderful list of delicious ideas for us to pursue.  Not even the sky will limit this part of the process.  Some of our ideas will be bold and brave, others will be tried and tested but all of them will be delicious.


Recipe review

Before we go nuts in our production kitchen, we will work with you to narrow down the list, always a hard job. We will spend some time developing the recipes and costing up the products so that we only provide samples to you of truly viable options that work within your specification and budget.


Sample production

Our brilliant bakers will set to work lovingly baking your bespoke products! There will be puffs of flour and wafts of baking cakes and anyone walking past our kitchens will stop dead in their tracks wanting to know what’s in the oven! Before we have a chance to devour all the samples, someone will be in charge of making sure that you have the full range delivered to you!


SAMPLE review

This is the most fun and the most nerve-wracking bit for us! We will only present cakes to you that we are happy with.  Very often this part is done in person as there’s nothing we love more than the noises people make while eating our cakes! We’ll bring you enough samples for you to share among the key decision makers.  We welcome your honest feedback but often by this stage it’s just a matter of being spoilt for choice and having to rule out delicious bakes!


Sample rework

If there are recipe reworks to be done, we will take the necessary time and care needed to make sure you’re as happy with the products as we are.  Once we’ve finessed the recipe, we will go back to the sample review stage.


Client sign-off

This is what we lovingly refer to as Green Light Zone.  This is where all our hard work has paid off and we can get to work in production.  Our commitment to you is to make sure that the final product looks and tastes exactly like the one we signed off in the Sample Review stage.

Product Development Team

Our product development team have been working together in perfect harmony for years! They have decades of industry experience between them and are second-to-none at coming up with wonderful flavour combinations, taste profiles and textures. They are innovative, have detailed knowledge of market trends and are always ahead of the game in procuring new ingredients available on the market.

Portioning & Packaging

Excellence for us is not about being better than anyone else. Excellence for us is about delivering on a commitment to give our customers what they expect. High quality products supported by service that exceeds expectations.