New Product Development “NPD”

Some of the most fun to be had with our clothes on is developing new products with our customers!  We have a dedicated and experienced team of professionals who have been working on recipe and idea creation for years.  We thrive on bringing innovation to your customers.

Here’s a bit about the product development process at Raise Bakery…

Client & Consumer Needs

When developing new products, we start by identifying opportunities in the market. This can be driven by a gap on our clients’ shelves, a new trend or an idea that’s come from a customer. We think both about the customer (the person for whom the price point and ingredients might be important) as well as the consumer (for whom the taste or transportation is critical).  When developing a product, we ensure we’ve thought of both groups.

Identifying product features

It’s important to consider all the components of a product in the early stages.  We’ll the take into account the general appearance of the product, the portion size, the taste and texture, the visual attractiveness in store/on display, the nutritional value, packaging, portability, shelf life and storage options.  Based on our decisions about these features, we decide which are critical and which are desired.  We consider all the components of a product, base, fillings, decorations and make sure that all work together to create the perfect symphony!

Validation & Production

It’s important that we rigorously test all products that we develop in our production facility to ensure consistency, affordability and scalability.  We like to create a number of variations before any fine-tuning and final product selection. 

Production is the final stage in the process, we aim to optimise the process to ensure the greatest efficiency and consistency.  The ultimate goal is to develop a product that fulfils the out clients’ brief, that meets the customer and consumer’s needs that is scalable and deliverable, giving our clients a competitive advantage.