Private Label & Co-manufacturing

If you would like to use your own packaging, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs.  We’ll give you the design guidelines once we have agreed on the product specifications.  If you need help with the design work, we have some brilliant designers who can help you with that too.

incognito supplier

We’re not precious about having our name printed on everything! We’re really happy to do the hard-graft and for you to take all the glory! Your secret is safe with us.  We’ll even bake your top-secret recipes and keep them locked up in our safe so no-one can get their hands on them.

High level Discretion

We pride ourselves in taking the slack so you can rest assured that the work is in hand and the products you need will be where you need them, when you need them.  We operate with the highest level of discretion and will guard your recipes and secrets as if they were our own, we’ll never let anyone know that the products aren’t made on your shop floor (unless you’d like us to!) and we’ll act as your trusted partner throughout whole process.