Social Responsibility

Our intention is to leave this planet better off than it would be without us. That means that we take our responsibility in this world seriously and commit to caring for the world in which we operate, the people we work with, the communities of which we are a part and to being a template for excellence within the food-manufacturing industry.

We are a bakery with purpose and have a commitment to the triple bottom line. We exist to not only promote the success of our business for our shareholders and stakeholders but have a measurable impact on our society and environment.

B Corp

Raise Bakery is a pre-registered B-Corp, which means we are committed to building a business that is a force for good. B-Corp status is our North Star; it gives us a clear framework for the kind of business we want to grow in to. It also places us alongside an impressive list of other companies that are already working to benefit society.

We are committed to meeting the highest social and environmental standards and are driven by a desire to benefit all our stakeholders, not just the owners of the business.


We are champions of local produce, preferring to source local ingredients where possible.  We are passionate about keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum and to using recycled and recyclable materials in our packaging wherever possible. We are constantly striving to find more ways to reduce or replenish our cost to this earth.

We are committed to ensuring Raise Bakery is a sustainable business and that we’re still around in 500 years feeding sweet treats to the nation!


We are incredibly proud to be a business that pays the National Living Wage Foundation (link opens in new window) rate of pay to our staff. We’ve been doing it for years because we believe it’s the right thing to do for our team. Yes, it means less profit on the books but it also means our team can afford to live a life they love. That’s more important to us than making lots of money!


We believe that family is created by either birth or affinity, in both the traditional and non-traditional sense. We get to choose who we call our family, and we recruit people that align with our vision, mission and values. The people who work in our business are passionate and care about what they do and the impact they have. We are a family run business in every sense.

We consider “our people” to include our customers and suppliers and treat everyone with the same level of care and respect that we do our own family.

We want everyone we interact with to leave with a smile on their face.

Team Culture

Our team serve the business with passion and flair; how much they care is evident in every morsel we bake.  We care that they love what they do, that they and their loved ones are healthy and that they know work to be a place where they can be open, honest and authentic. We love to see our team gain new skills and grow in confidence and we champion their success and believe it is fundamental to invest in training and developing our people. 

We foster a fun, creative and entrepreneurial environment. We create spaces that leave people feeling included, equal and safe and make products that enable people to connect, celebrate and love.

work for us

We pay our team above-average market rates. We are members of the Living Wage Foundation along with 7,000 other UK employers, because we believe a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay.

From time to time we have vacancies on the team. If you are keen to work with us (and frankly, why wouldn’t you be?), please do get in touch and send us a copy of your CV and a short letter letting us know a bit about you and what you could bring to the team.