Here's a taster of what our gorgeous cake factory nestled on the South coast of England is capable of making. If you don't see something that makes you want to lick the screen, fear not, we have a fabulous team of bakers that are exceptionally great at making custom sweet treats for people just like you!

  • Cupcakes

    Our base sponge is made with only four ingredients all sourced from within the UK. Light, moist and packed full of flavour, our cupcakes will keep your customers coming back.

    Note: does not come with free mug or cup...that practice ended in the Victorian period,

  • Cakes

    The backbone of our great nation, tea and cake are so quintessentially British it makes you wonder why we don't eat it for brekkie, lunch and dinner (tea to all you lovely Northerns).

    Our pre-portioned one-piece sponge cakes have a more traditional feel. Our base sponge is made from 4 key ingredients, light moist and tasty.

  • Traybakes

    Traybakes are a great solution for many businesses. The product is baked in the tray, cut to size and individually wrapped.

  • Brownies

    Fudgy, gooey, full of chocolate and yumminess. If you like chocolate this is the treat for you. We make “plain” ones or cram them full with yummy things like shortbread or juicy fruit.

    Then you shove it in your gob, job done!

  • Biscuits

    Crumbly, buttery and full of flavour. Our biscuits are hand-baked with the finest ingredients to give the very best texture and flavour. Available in a wide range of flavours.

  • Cookies

    Soft and chewy with a slight crunch. Our cookies are hand-baked from scratch using the very best ingredients. We can cram them full of lots of tasty fillings.

  • Flapjacks

    Feeling in the need of a hug? Our heart-warming, rich, buttery flapjack will give your tummy a hug and put a smile on the face of even the grumpiest person.

  • Dietary Requirements/Special Diets

    We cater for a wide range of specialist dietary needs such a celiacs or vegans. We pride ourselves on being extremely flexible so as many people as possible can enjoy our yummy cakes.