Raise Bakery works with a wide range of customers from a vast array of industries. We work with retail, airline and wholesale customers. We have the ability to supply our customers with orders from small batches of cake to millions of units per year.

  • Airlines

    We have years of experience supplying airlines with our delicious products. You will have seen us onboard Virgin Atlantic for 2 years and we've supplied unbranded product for British Airways and within Qatar Airway First Class lounge at London Heathrow.

    We have production capacity and work flows that can keep up with the sudden changes unique to the airline industry. We are SALSA Approved which provides evidence of robust food safety systems and full traceability.

  • Corporate and Events

    Event catering is unique in that our customers are looking for a tailored-made package that can wow their customers.

    We have been helping brands both big and small in taking care of their sweet treat needs. We work closely with our clients to provide a full range of services from branding, packaging and logistics. All wrapped in a professional and friendly service.

  • Wholesale & Retail

    We support our wholesale customers to providing quality "homemade style" sweet treats and desserts at a fair price on a large scale. We can provide unbranded or brand product for a wide range of uses. We have customers across range of sectors including catering companies, distributors and retail outlets.